FCLS and AHML libraries’ commitment to diversity

The Franklin County Library System and Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library, as members of the American Library Association (ALA), affirm our commitment to embrace and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion as they pertain to accepting and respecting all patrons, staff, and community partners. Read our full diversity statement here.

We stand with the ALA and the Black Caucus of the ALA (BCALA) and support their recent public statement regarding racism in America and the ongoing mistreatment of people of color in our country.

“The ALA Executive Board stands in solidarity with BCALA, with library workers, with library users, and with members of the communities we serve and support who are susceptible to acts of prejudice, threats of violence, and even death based solely on their race or ethnicity. The pervasive racism present in our nation denies its residents equal rights and equal access and as such is a barrier to the goals of this association and to the wider profession.

Wherever it resides, racism leads to degradation. It weakens our institutions and destroys our communities and is one of the greatest obstacles to the American Library Association’s mission “to enhance learning and ensure access to information to all.” The Franklin County Library System and the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library are committed to promoting equality. We feel a responsibility to challenge inequality in our community and we take that role seriously. We stand with those who are treated unfairly, who are in pain, and who face discrimination. We encourage and provide a safe space for exploration and difficult discussions.